What is Impulse Response?

Impulse response determines the reaction of the microphone to a pressure change on the diaphragm. The microphone must convert the sound received at the diaphragm to an electrical signal.  In an ideal world, the electrical signal output from the microphone should be an exact replication of the sound received by the microphone.

What does that mean for us?

Imagine pulling a 10 ton truck; a lot of force is input into pulling the truck before it even moves.  So the energy put in vs the movement does not resemble each other.

Now imagine pulling a toy car; the car quickly reacts to the force of pulling it and so the movement more closely resembles the actual energy input.

Why does that matter for a microphone?

Many instruments are highly dynamic, such as drums.  In order to capture the sound of the drums as faithfully as possible, the diaphragm must react quickly.  As such, Earthworks Audio spends a great deal of time optimising the weight and response of each and every diaphragm.

The end result is microphones which are incredibly transparent, which can handle extremely high sound pressure levels, and which last for years with stainless steel construction.  

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